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María Laura Soriano Dotor

PhD in Chemistry. Assistant Professor
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(+34) 957 21 86 16

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M. Laura Soriano obtained her B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry at Castilla La-Mancha University (Spain), in 2003 and 2007. Her Doctoral Thesis, which was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, focused on supramolecular chemistry and anion receptors. She was awarded a PhD degree in Chemistry with the highest degrees (Summa Cum Laude), which was accomplished with a short stay of three months in the prestigious university of Oxford (U.K.).

She was a postdoctoral fellow at Durham University (U.K.), working with Prof. Jonathan Steed on the synthesis and anion binding of thiourea complexes (2007-2009).

Then, she moved to the University of Trieste with Prof. Maurizio Prato (Italy, 2009-2011) as Postdoctoral Fellow; there she worked in nanotechnology and fluorescent probes at the Synchrotron and at the Pharmaceutical Department funded by a FP7-EU project (CARBONANOBRIDGE) and an Italian regional project (FVG AMBIONSEN).

In 2012, she moved to the University of Cordoba funded by a FP7-EU project (INSTANT). Since then, she has joined the research group FQM-215 in the Analytical Department working on the development of new methods based on nanotechnology for analytical and pharmaceutical purposes. One of her current research lines lies on characterization and separation of a variety of nanostructures from complex matrices. Thus, to achieve this goal, she works with sorbents and fluorescent sensing probes based on nanoparticles (its format made of “crystalline solids”, “liquids” and “gels”), particularly with nanocellulose, carbon nanodots and graphene quantum dots.

She has been invited to give seminars and oral presentations in Europe and she also has participated on divulgation activities (e.g. “Paseo por la Ciencia”, e-book, seminars) for teaching different aspects of “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” to public community and introductory students.

With the category of “Professor Contratado Doctor” by the ANECA, she has supervised two Doctoral Thesis with European/international Mentions. Now, she is also collaborating with different groups located in Europe and Israel.