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Marta de la Cruz Vera

PhD in Chemistry
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(+34) 957 21 86 16

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Marta de la Cruz Vera studied Biochemistry at the University of Córdoba (Spain) from 1997-2003. Then, she joined our group in July 2005. Her Doctoral Thesis was supervised by Profs. Lucena, Cárdenas and Valcárcel, and was presented in July 2009 with European mention.

In her PhD studies, she Works in the development of vanguard (screening) and rearguard strategies for the determination of different organic compounds, mainly drugs, in biological samples. She worked not only in the design of flow analyzers, using different non-chromatographic separation techniques, but also in the development of liquid chromatographic methods. Additionally she worked in the development of different liquid-liquid microextraction techniques, using ionic liquids as extractant media, and solid-phase extraction methodologies using carbon nanotubes and molecularly imprinted polymers as sorbent materials.

From May to July 2008 she was in a research stay in the Laboratoire Environnement et Chimie Analytique, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI), under the supervision of Dr. Pichon and Dr. Chapuis-Hugon, learning the basis of synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) and their application for the determination of LSD in biological samples.

Since 2010 until today, she works in the development of several investigation projects in collaboration with the Enterprise Aguas de Córdoba (EMPROACSA) concerning the integral water cycle. These projects focus on the fields of wastewater and drinking water treatments, quality improvement and the protection of water supply against zebra mussel among others.