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Rafael Lucena Rodríguez

PhD in Chemistry. Associate Professor
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Rafael Lucena is professor of Analytical Chemistry since 2010. He studied Chemistry at the University of Córdoba, getting his BSc with an extraordinary end of studies award. His Thesis (supervised by Prof. Cárdenas, Gallego, and Valcárcel) was focused on the development of multiparametric analyzers. It was presented in 2006 with European mention and doctoral award.

From September to December 2003, Rafa spent three months in the group of Pr. Bernhard Lendl at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) learning the basics of Sequential Injection Analysis and Infrared Spectroscopy. From July to October 2005, he was working in the group of Pr. Wolfgang Lindner at the Central University of Vienna. In these three months he was working, under the supervision of Dr. Norbert Maier, in the determination of Ochratoxin A in different foodstuff by high-performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection.

Up to date, Rafael has coauthored more than 95 scientific articles (h-index: 29, Scopus) dealing with different analytical aspects although microextraction techniques are the main core of his research. He has co-edited one special volume in Anal. Bioanal. Chem. journal and an e-book on the topic. In addition, he is editing a blog (Microextraction Tech) focused on sample treatment techniques and he usually writes posts on this theme in several resources like SeparationsNOW. He also a member of the expert panel of BioanalysisZone.

He teaches different facets of Analytical Chemistry in several degrees (Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, and Food chemistry) and Masters. In this sense, he has been involved in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Forensic Sciences organized by three European academic institutions. Currently, he is participating in the Master in Chemistry organized by different Andalusian universities teaching microextraction techniques. Rafael has directed 9 Ph.D. Thesis (three of them under development) and several Master and Degrees Thesis.

Rafael is the secretary of the Research Institute of Fine Chemistry and Nanochemistry, an organization that involves more than 125 researchers in different areas of Chemistry. Also, he has been involved in the organization of several meetings like NANOUCO, a monographic conference on nanochemistry.

He also acts as a reviewer in many journals (J. Chromatography A, Bioanalysis, Talanta, Anal.Bioanal. Chem) and project evaluator for some organizations like Fondecyt (Chile). He is currently member of the editorial board of Molecules