Fractal Markers

News:Fractal Markers!

Fractal markers are a new concept of marker, which is composed of several fiducial square markers of different size inside. Unlike traditional fiducial markers, the structure of this marker can be detected from a large number of distances, as well as solve problems of partial or total occlusion of the marker.

The features of this marker, together with the tools developed make it a powerful tool for camera pose estimation in a large number of applications such as robots, unmanned vehicles and augmented reality.

Fractal Marker is integrated inside ArUco's libraries, allowing a fast, robust and precise detection of the markers. ArUco is a widely used OpenSource library for detecting squared fiducial.




The library can be downloaded at SourceForge



Very detailed documentation can be obtained HERE


If you use this library in your research, you must cite:

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This software is licensed under GPLv3 license for personal, research and educational purposes.


If you have any further question, please contact fj.romero[at]uco[dot]es

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