Dipartimento di Scienze Agro Ambientali e Territoriali (DiSAAT)
University of Bari
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Current Research interests

  • Eco-labelling, environmental liability, costumers’ preferences
  • Analysis of farmers’ preferences towards irrigation water markets
  • Economics of wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture
  • Governance of common-pool resources such as groundwater
  • Economics of agricultural residue as biomass feedstock

Within agricultural economics and policy, Giacomo’s analysis focuses on farmer’s behaviour. Particular research interests include the analysis of farmers’ preferences for Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) changes and irrigation water market. The interest in governance issue of common-pool resources has also attracted his attention. He has an international reputation with good experience in European research projects. He is routinely working both in Spain and Italy.


PhD/Doctorate in Management of Innovation in the Agriculture and Food systems of the Mediterranean Region, University of Foggia, Foggia (Italy)
Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology, University of Bari (Italy).

Currently research projects

  • AGL2014-53417-R “Evaluación de la política de modernización de regadíos en un contexto de cambio climático: Análisis del presente y escenarios de futuro de cuencas del sur de España” (2015-2018)

Previous research projects

  • STAR*AgroEnergy-Scientific & Technological Advancement in Research on Agro-Energy: an integrated approach to renewable energy generation according to sustainability criteria. European Commission Regpot 2011-1. Grant Agreement N° 286269 (FP7)
  • “Acqua ed Economia” Basin Authority of Apulia, P.O. Fesr 2007-2013. (2013-2015)
  • “Irrigazione in emergenza e salinizzazione della falda” Basin Authority of Apulia, P.O. Fesr 2007-2013. (2013-2015)
  • Water market Scenarios for Southern Europe, new solutions to shortages and drought. European Commission Water Cap Trade project EUI2009-04151(2011-2013)
  • Assessing the multiple impacts of the Common Agriculture policies (CAP) on rural economies. European Commission CAP-IRE Project, FP7-SSH-2007-1(2008-2010)
  • Investment behaviour in conventional and emerging farming systems under different policy scenarios. European Commission IPTS CONTRACT 151247-2008 A08-IT (2009)
  • Evaluation of measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy to the olive sector. European Commission- DG Agriculture CONTRACT No 30-CE-0219431/00-19 (2009)
  • “Il recepimento della direttiva quadro sulle acque (60/2000) in agricoltura”. PRIN 2008 National program of project research, Ministry of University and Research –Italy (2009-2012)

Peer-reviewed publications

Berbel, J., Montilla-López, N.M. and Giannoccaro, G. (2020). Institutions and economics of water scarcity and droughts, Water 12(11):3248 doi:10.3390/w12113248

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2014 and previous
De Meo, E., Lopolito, A., Prosperi, M., Giannoccaro, G. and Ciccone, R.A. (2014). How to promote community social acceptance of solid biomass in Europe? Identifying firms’ best practices. Economics Bulletin 34(4): 2080-2092.

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