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The PASEDI project (Distance Payment and Service) is a project subsidize by the Industry, Turism and Commerce Ministery in the announcement PROFIT 2007. PASEDI has an effect for two years (2207-2008) and its target is the devlopment, test and evaluation of a payment system and service with mobile phones and NFC (Near Field Communication) tecnology.
The following private and public companies take part in the PASEDI project:
Sermepa (Manager) custosmobile
Custos Mobile
Ingenico caixacatalunya
Caixa Catalunya
Universidad Pompeu Fabra logo_uco
Universidad de Córdoba


With PASEDI project mobile phone will become a credit and debit payment tool following the international standards of Visa and MasterCard using a standard free contacts tecnology wich will  make possible a safe and easy service.


The things that people buy with this service will give the same funcionality that Visa and MasterCard cards. So, the purchases colud be done it in a debit payment, in a debit eferred payment or in a credit payment, they could be both on-line or off-line (in depend of the shop characteristics).


Furthermore, these applications will be developed:

  • Ticketing service.
  • Authentication.
  • Points and plans accumulation.
  • Points and tickets phone interchanges.
  • Tags reading and recording.
  • Safe and personal applets download.
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