Information about the Master

The main objective of the Master in Translational Biomedical Research (MIBT) is the training of "health researchers", as a new emerging profession in the National Health System and in the Science and Technology System.

The proposed Masters has a double orientation, on the one hand it aims to train PhDs, through the development of a Doctoral Thesis, specialized in Translational Biomedical research, which would acquire sufficient scientific leadership capacity that will allow them to develop projects and lines of research in this field of high social, health and economic interest.

SubjestsCodeCreitsCaracterGuide 2016-17Teachers
Discussion and Advances in Biomedical Research 103193 4 Obligatory Guide  Mª Mar Malagón Poyato (Coordinator)
Rosario López-Pedrera
Biostatistics Applied to Biomedical and Health Research 103201 4 Optional Guide  Pilar Font Ugalde (Coordinator)
Chronic Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases 103202 4 Optional Guide  Eduardo Muñoz (Coordinator)
Eduardo Collantes, Alejandro Escudero