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II International Conference on Research and Intervention in Psychology and Education for Development: Diversity, Coexistence and SDGs May 16th and 17th, 2019 Córdoba, Spain

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Due to multiple requests from our congress members, the deadline for sending large communications, 5-10 pages according to the format provided, will be until July 30.

The deadline for registration and / or sending abstracts (optional) is extended until May 12 for the II International Conference on Research and Intervention in Psychology and Education for Development: Diversity, Coexistence and SDGs.

Given the multiple requests and proposals received, the thematic lines of the Congress are restructured in Symposiums. The communications sent by the participants will be framed in one of these Symposiums. The presentation of each communication will be certified as a Speech within the framework of the specific Symposium (4 hours) and congress

In 2017, the Chair of Development Cooperation of the Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) organized the I International Conference on Investigation in Psychology and Education for Sustainable Development: Interculturality, Inclusion and Coexistence. This conference evidenced the need to carry out research applied to the solve real challenges through development cooperation, education for sustainable development and global citizenship. In response to this, the Chair of Development Cooperation presents the second edition of this conference, this time it gives special attention to the Diversity, Coexistence and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This conference pretends to be a forum for debating and constructing knowledge that enables the meeting among diverse social agents, and stimulates and crystallizes alliances among them, to give answers to large socio-educational challenges. These answers should be based on scientific evidence to optimize available resources, achieve better results and contribute to sustainable human development. Psychological, educational and social research and intervention will be the focus of the contributions and the dialogue.
The objectives of the Conference are the dissemination and transfer of scientific knowledge, awareness and training in Research and Intervention in Psychology and Education for Sustainable Development. Therefore, the program combines conferences, panels of experts, communications and colloquia that will allow to know essential foundations, advances in research and in knowledge, as well as examples of good practice based on scientific evidence for the resolution of socio-educational challenges.

Thematic lines
Experiences of advanced research, initiation to research, proposals of educational innovation and / or projects committed to social transformation will be presented, in relation to the following thematic areas:
► Coexistence and culture of peace.
► Interculturalism
► School violence and youth violence.
► Eradication of racism and xenophobia.
► Prevention and mitigation of discrimination and social exclusion.
► Diversity and inclusive education.
► Gender and coeducation.
► Developmental and educational psychology and social welfare.
► Creativity, music, dance and society.
► Education for development and global citizenship.
► Cooperation and policies coherence for development.
► Volunteering committed to social improvement.
► Participative culture, democratic societies and defence of Human Rights.
► Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference is especially recommended for consolidated researchers, researchers in training, professionals and students in the field of Social Sciences and Legal, as well as members of NGOs and workers of educational institutions of development cooperation. Moreover, as well as all the activities promoted by the Chair, this activity is open. To all interested people until covering the places and capacity (according to order of registration).

Communications about research or experiences related to the described thematic lines could be submitted. The deadline for the submission of the abstract (200-300 words, through research or experience template), that should be sent to, ends on May 5th, 2019 (extended until May 12). At least one of the authors of the communication must be registered in the conference. The communications will be defended orally in the conference by one of its authors. Only not resident in Spain participants - after accreditation of this circumstance- could choose to present virtually their communication through the means that the organization of the conference enable for this purpose.
Two books with ISBN will be published:
a) Conference proceedings with abstracts of papers and communications: and
b) Book with presentations and extensive communications.
The delivery of extensive written communications (through a research or experience template ) will be made before May 30, 2019 (extended until July 30).
The scientific committee reserves the right of admission and publication of communications.

Until May 5, 2019 (extended until May 12).
50 Euros Professionals and/or academics
25 Euros Students and/or unemployed*
25 Euros Professionals and students from Music Superior Conservatory of Córdoba*
Bank transfer to: ES77 0049 2420 31 2714626725 SWIFT Code (international transfer): BSCHESMMXXX
Concept: CON19 Name and surname of the registered person.
Send the bank receipt together with the completed registration form to
* Send of document accrediting the alleged situation

25 Euros UCO students. Registration by SIGMA. Click on the "cooperación y solidaridad" section and click on the name of the Congress: II Congreso Internacional de Investigación e Intervención en Psicología y Educación para el Desarrollo: Diversidad, Convivencia y ODS.

Attendance will be compulsory at 80% of the hours in order to obtain the attendance certificate and proficiency. For virtual participants (optional only for non-residents in Spain) it will be the development of online activities planned to obtain the participation certificate and proficiency.
The Congress will have a recognition of 1 ECTS credit for the students of UCO Degree, as a transversal university activity of Cooperation and Solidarity.

Places limited to cover the capacity, following the order of registration
* The payment of the registration entitles you to get:
1) Certificate of attendance at the activities of the conference (according to signature control).
2) Certificate of presentation of oral communication (or virtual, which is optional only for non-residents in Spain).
3) Inclusion of communication in two books after the Congress (subject to the acceptance of the scientific committee and publishers).
4) Activities of the sociocultural program (night reception in the historic centre of the city of Córdoba and musical activity).

Scientific Committee
President: Dr. Antonio Jesús Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Dept. of Psychology, Head of the Chair of Development Cooperation of the UCO
Secretary: Dr. Juan Calmaestra Villén, Dept. of Psychology, UCO
Dr. Verónica Marín Díaz, Director of the Doctorate Program Methodological Training and Research in lines of Sciences of the Education of the UNPHU-UCO
Dr. Eva M. Romera Felix, Director of the Master in Applied Psychology to Education and Social Welfare of the UCO
Dr. Manuel Torres Aguilar, Director del Máster en Cultura de Paz, Conflictos, Educación y Derechos Humanos de la UCO.
Dr. Vicente J. Llorent García, Director of the Master in Education Inclusive of the UCO
Dr. Esther Vega Gea, Dept. of Education, UCO
Dr. Irene Dios Sánchez, Intercultural Chair, UCO
Dr. María Alicia Peñalva Vélez, Dept. of Humanities and Education Public University of Navarre,
Dr. Mauricio Herrera López, Dept. of Psychology, University of Nariño, Colombia
Dr. Oscar Nail Króyer, Dept. of Education, University of Concepción, Chile

Organizing Committee from the Universidad de Córdoba
President: Antonio Jesús Rodríguez Hidalgo
Secretary: Prof. Juan Calmaestra Villén
Esther Vega Gea
Irene Dios Sánchez
Teresa González-Caballos Luna
Cristina Coca Villar
Rafaela Cambronero Gómez
Blanca Rodríguez León
Elisa Pérez Gracia
Almudena Hurtado Mellado
Daniel Falla Fernández
Rocío Luque González
Inmaculada Marín López
Mercedes Gómez López
Antonio Camacho López
Manuel Carmona Rojas
Ana Bravo Castillo
Elena Nasaescu
Noemí Toledano Fernández
Cristina García Fernández
José L. Fernández Rabanillo

Organizing Committee from the Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro from Manabí, Ecuador:
Yisela Elizabeth Pantaleón Cevallos
Gloria Anabel Alcívar Pincay
Oswaldo Waldemar Mero Delgado

Cátedra de Cooperación al Desarrollo de la Universidad de Córdoba

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación
Conservatorio Superior de Música Rafael Orozco (Córdoba)