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Psychological and Counselling Service

Updated 11/06/2012

  • Location: Office 25, 2nd floor
  • Person in charge: Prof. Enrique Aguilar Peñas
  • Office hours: Due to the nature and length of the visits, please make an appointment in advance.To schedule a consultation, please ask the person in charge for an appointment during the office hours for this semester .
  • Phone number: (+34) 957 47 47 50 Ext. 204
  • E-mail address:

The Psychological and Counselling Service offers students the opportunity to talk about and resolve personal problems or mental health concerns in a confidential setting assisted by a Doctor in Psychology specialised in Clinical Psychology. Students enrolled at the school can use the service for as long as they may need it. Although many students will not require assistance, some may find that their academic performance is being negatively affected by unresolved personal issues and life events.

When necessary, the Psychological and Counselling Service provides individual counselling, family counselling, or marriage counselling, as well as class interventions (in coordination with teaching staff). All assistance provided to students is independent of the student-teacher relationship in class. However, treatment will surely result in personal improvement and better academic performance.