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Updated 11/06/2012

  • Location: 1st floor, Office 13D (Physical Education and Fine Arts)
  • Person in charge: María Ángeles Moreno Domínguez
  • Office hours: Please check the professor’s office hours for this semester
  • Phone number:(+34) 957 47 47 50  Ext. 103
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    • In addition to practical lectures given on specific topics in each course, the Physical Education Department organises a wide range of activities related to sports practice and training in the physical education setting. Participating in sports activities will help you get involved in university life and further your training in the field of sports and physical activity. Please find below a brief description of the activities offered. We encourage you to participate in those activities that are of most interest to you both professionally and personally.
    • Sports News
    • Students League
    • Nature Activities
    • Trip to Sierra Nevada
    • Marathon
    • Participation in the “Trofeo Rector” Competition
    • Sports Volunteer
    • Sports Shows
    • Sport Messenger
    • Free Use of Courts
    • Psychomotor Activities

Documents of interest

Presentation of Sport Activities - 2009/2010 Academic Year

Welcome to sports life at the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School!
There’s a place for you here!


The objective of this sports site is to provide our students with information, as well as the opportunity to experience the wide range of physical activities and sports offered by the school. You can participate and collaborate to make our school a place where physical activities and sports are a very important part of your university life and future.


In addition to practical lectures given on specific topics in each course, the Physical Education Department organises a wide range of activities related to sports practice and training in the physical education setting. Participating in sports activities will help you get involved in university life and further your training in the field of sports and physical activity. Please find below a brief description of the activities offered. We encourage you to participate in those activities that are of most interest to you both professionally and personally.

  • SPORTS NEWS: The notice board is posted by Physical Education professors and students, and offers sports information of interest. You will find many sections, such as sports courses, events, volunteer opportunities, sports values, symposiums, conferences, etc.
  • STUDENTS LEAGUE: Men’s and women's leagues including 20 team sports to be played during the break. Teams are formed by 5 to 7 players. Competition requires team commitment, perseverance, team spirit, sportsmanship, and a spirit of self-improvement.
  • NATURE ACTIVITIES: These activities are organised in collaboration with a company specialised in adventure sports and nature activities in Cordoba, such as hiking, rappelling, rope climbing, zip-lining, archery, and many more.
  • SIERRA NEVADA: the Granada Ski School offers 3-day courses to obtain a ski/snowboard certificate at different levels. Courses include lessons, a certificate, material, accommodation and picnic lunches.
  • MARATHON: Sports competitions with other faculties, schools or sports centres.
  • “TROFEO RECTOR” COMPETITION: The “Trofeo Rector” Competition is an intra-university sports competition for teams and athletes from the different schools and faculties of the University of Cordoba. The competition is organised by the Physical Education and Sports Department of the University of Cordoba. Our students can participate in individual and team sports activities wearing our representative apparel.
    • Work as a volunteer in sports activities with sports associations and federations with which our school has signed collaboration agreements.
    • Sports and solidarity: Collaborate in solidarity sports activities and projects.
  • SPORTS SHOWS: Team up with other students to enjoy local sports events as a way to train, have fun and promote sports locally.
  • SPORTS MESSENGER: Messengers oversee and update sports information of our school.
  • FREE USE OF COURTS: The school’s courts and any sports equipment you need are available free of charge in the afternoon. Just show your library card at the reception desk and you will be allowed to use the courts with your friends.
  • PSYCHOMOTOR ACTIVITIES: Organised in collaboration with pre-schools, this activity is aimed at playing games with the students of these schools to improve their psychomotor skills. The activities are supervised by 3rd-year Early Childhood Education students.


The  “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School is located near excellent sports facilities which are used by the Physical Education Department for giving practical classes. The facilities regularly used by our teachers to provide instruction are listed below.

  • “Las Margaritas” Municipal Sports Centre: Located at Calle Poeta Emilio Prados, S/N, this sports centre is just a 10 minute walk from the  “Sagrado Corazón “Teacher Training School. Several of our practical physical education courses are given here. The sports facility has a multi-sports court, tennis court, turf soccer field, changing rooms, and spacious rooms for giving large classes.

  • “Hermandad Sagrada Familia” Gym: Located next to the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School, the gym is equipped with three rooms, one of which is used to provide practical instruction (see picture). The practical classes given in the gym involve low-intensity activities that do not require a large amount of equipment, focusing on basic physical education, body language and psychomotricity.

  • Sports ground: Located adjacent to the car park, this sports ground can be used to practise a wide variety of team sports, including basketball, volleyball, outdoor futsal and handball. It is also used by the Physical Education Department for its practical classes.

  • Asomadilla Park: This 27-hectare park is the second largest urban park in Andalusia. Just a 10 minute walk from the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School, it is used for outdoor activities such as map and compass reading, adapted games, or relaxation exercises to learn about specific topics related to physical activity in the outdoors.

Asomadilla asomadilla

In addition to the above sports facilities, other more specific facilities may be used on occasion by the Physical Education Department for class activities when necessary.


Much more than just academic lectures, our school provides you the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and blaze a trail. To see for yourself, take a look at some pictures of the activities we organised during the 2007/2008 academic year.







The Physical Education Department is committed to building ties between our school and other schools and entities in the field of sports, with a view to providing our students the opportunity to do internships in clubs, federations, educational centres, as well as sharing experiences with professionals in the field, and creating links for future career opportunities.

To achieve this aim, we are currently in the process of establishing agreements and relations with other entities to permit students to participate in these initiatives in the present academic year; a goal that we will continue to work towards and improve in coming years.


To keep our students up-to-date on news related to physical education, we post information regularly on our digital notice board about sports events, courses and conferences, leagues and competitions, visits by prestigious speakers, trips, and lots more. 

The site allows students to find out hot news about sports and education related to their specialty, any time and anywhere.



At the  “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School, we believe that physical education is a fundamental aspect in teaching and learning processes aimed at adolescents. The pedagogical value of this discipline has been recognised by society in the last decades, but there is still much work to be done. In today’s society, and especially in the academic and professional spheres, research has come to be viewed as an important tool for development and progress in all fields, while the adequate balance between research and teacher training leads to higher quality education.

Within the current process to adapt to the Bologna Plan, we believe that teacher training, and in particular physical education training, require a basic knowledge of research to enable us to search for, find, understand and apply new scientific findings in the field of physical education to the primary school setting. Moreover, this new approach in higher education aims to specialize students in specific fields through postgraduate programmes of study. For this reason, it is important that students receive basic training in research methods before deciding to continue their studies at the postgraduate level.

With a view to the advancement and development of the physical education field, this section provides information of interest on national and international research projects, relevant research articles published in international journals, as well as scientific events and meetings. Spain currently has several research groups which are pioneers in the assessment of physical activity, physical fitness, and its relation to children and teenagers’ health, whose results have a significant impact on teaching practice.

Additionally, in an effort to improve teaching practices, we are working to establish the basic principles of physical education research in the school setting. Our aim is to conduct physical education experiments and pilot studies within schools that involve future physical education teachers who are undergoing training. 

Please open tabs to find information:

Cuadro de texto: Proyectos de InvestigaciónCuadro de texto: Publicaciones NacionalesCuadro de texto: Publicaciones Internacionales

(pending the corresponding documents for each section)


In this section you will find information related to courses, symposiums, conferences and training activities organised by the Physical Education Department in collaboration with different institutions.

  • COURSE ON SPORTS AND DISABILITIES: This is a free elective course aimed at furthering students’ academic training in topics related to sports and disabilities.  


Where there is a will there is a way. Turn your education into a source of personal and social enrichment. You can count on the staff and faculty at the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School to support you in achieving this aim and make you feel proud of being a part of our institution. Today, society and education are two inseparable realities that need committed students. The Physical Education Department will provide you with the necessary tools to launch your initiatives as a fundamental part of this great educational challenge.


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