College facilities and services

Career Guidance and Employability

Updated 11/10/2012

1. Career Guidance and Employability Services

A. Location and contact details:

A.1. Location: Psychology Office I. 28 D. 2nd floor
A.2. Contact:
A.2.1. Person in charge: Inmaculada Saco Lorenzo
A.2.2. Office hours: Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
A.2.3. Phone number: (+34) 957 47 47 50  Ext. 207
A.2.4. E-mail address:

B.  General Objectives

B.1.  Provide advice and guidance to our students with regard to career opportunities and permanent training.

B.2. Promote the insertion of our graduate students into the labour market.

B.3. Promote social outreach of the  “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School.

C. Actions

C.1. We provide information and guidance to our students in the following areas:

C.1.1. European CV model Documento Microsoft Word
C.1.2. Sample cover letter
C.1.3. Tips for preparing for job interviews
C.1.4. Scholarships
C.1.5. Master’s Programmes
C.1.6. Self-employment
C.1.7. Public employment

C.2. Collaboration with companies.

C.2.1. Presentation of companies
C.2.2. Conference talks
C.2.3. Round table conferences

C.3. Management of the Sagrado Corazón job listings

C.4. Information and guidance for Christian volunteer services

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