Note: Users from Rectory and the Office of Management Students don´t need use this procedure to request the network connection.You can contact directly with the management team of the computing service (located in the Rectory) for this connection.

This procedure is exclusively standard internal connection, that is, by means a physical point.

You Can obtain a new connection of this type in two different ways:

Through the Incident Reporting System (Hermes), opening a new notice in the "Science: new connections to the network.You can access this system from the website of the Computing Service (click here for access Hermes) or directly with the client application.

Through a connection request to the network (click here to download the form),once fill the form send to the secretary of the Computing Service (Campus Rabanales).

In both cases you should indicate the following information:

- The name of the Person responsible for the connection (PDI or PAS), department or service to which it belongs and contact details (phone or email).

- Connection location (center, building, office, etc..) And, where appropriate, the identification code of the network point. This is usually found on a label on the same rosette of connection (eg R3-B15). If you have no connecting line indicate.

- ID (ethernet address) of the equipment connected. (Click here if you do not know how to get the Ethernet address of your computer).

From 2016 the following procedure applies:

- Those requests for which there is already a network point will remain available free of charge to the petitioner. The Computing Service will continue to cover computer network electronics associated with the new connection and does not affect any operating cost to the user.

- For requests that require performing a work to provide the space where requested new network points, the procedure is as follows:

1. The Computing Service receive the request as before, and asked for the execution of the work of the Technical Unit.

2. The Technical Unit will give the petitioner an estimated budget. If accepted, it will ask the final report to the company in charge of the work budget. The petitioner will be responsible for processing the invoice.

3. After the work, the Technical Unit will work to certifications for the Computing Service, which shall connect and network configuration and user equipment.


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