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Using Moodle’s question bank for offline face-to-face assessment
Eva Lucrecia Gibaja Galindo, Amelia Zafra Gómez, María Luque Rodríguez

Última modificación: 2018-06-05


Objective quizzes are one of the most widely used assesment methods as they allow objective assesment covering most of the syllabus and they are fast to correct. Moodle e-learning platform allows preparing this kind of tests by means of the Quiz modeule which uses the questions stores in the Question Bank. these quizzes are generated in HTML format and they only can be used from Moodle in online mode. In this work we are presenting ExportQuiz2, a module to develop objective tests in editable and printable formats from the questions stored in the Question Bank, allowing not only online but also offline face-to-face assessment. The module may be applicabe in any virtualized course in Moodle.


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