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La UCO con Ucrania

Paz y Libertad para Ucrania

Peace and Freedom for Ukraine

Мир и свободу Украине


UCOPress obtiene la acreditación de nivel 1 del Programa Trébol

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Co-edition Publishing Terms


UCOPress may publish jointly with public or private publishing houses with legal status, provided that they ensure the following aspects:

  • The co-edition must comply with UCOPress requirements concerning the review of the originals, tender print jobs and editorial line, whose principal target is the publication of the results of its research University community.
  • The University of Cordoba must be co-owner of the exploitation rights, as well as the distribution and sale ones.
  • The logo and its legend, along with the UCOPress ISBN must appear with other co-editorial entities in the publication usual places.
  • The proposed work to be co-edited must not appear in other collections or series unrelated to the UCO, with the main purpose of promoting UCO corporate branding and marketing.

 For each co-publication work a specific agreement will be needed, i.e., a monograph, study, book or digital publication, according to the specific terms established in each case.





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