Manifestar a Dios en el ser y en el obrar: la creación como orden jerárquico en el Comentario a las Sentencias de Sto. Tomás de Aquino / The Manifestation of God in Being and in Action: Creation as Hierarchical Order in the Commentary on the Sentences of Thomas Aquinas

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In the Commentary on the Sentences of Thomas Aquinas, creation is conceived as a “hierarchical order”. This idea, which he takes from Dionysius the Areopagite, is related to the concept of similitude used to explain the relation between God and his creation, and to the idea that he create d it to manifest his goodness. In this article I show the importance that this idea of hierarchical order has when it is applied to creation in this early work of the Dominican friar. In the first place, I analyze the definition of hierarchy, and I especially focus on its relation with the idea of similitude and the importance Aquinas gives to the “law of hierarchy” as a law that ordains not only being but also the action of beings.

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Transcendentalism and Metaphysics of the Logos