A conduta ética do rei no De regimine christiano de Tiago de Viterbo / The King's Ethical Conduct on the James' of Vitebo De regimine christiano

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James of Viterbo OESA, (ca. 1255-1308), let us only one political treatise, the De regimine christiano, (ca. 1301), writen during the climax of the conflict between Boniface VIII (1294-1302) and Philip IV of France, (1285-1314), in which, among other subjects, he also explained how must be the behavior of the king, under a religious-ethical perspective. The main theme of the XIV Congress of Medieval Philosophy: Continuity and discontinuities, allows to explain about this matter and to check that it well corresponds the whises of some societies and peoples of our time. Thus, according the Doctor Gratiosus’ sight, we will discuss about the king’s duties to God, to himself and to his subjects.

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