La ciencia del verdadero conocimiento y del verdadero amor en el Libro de las criaturas de Ramón Sibiuda (+1436)

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Raymond of Sabunde, at the beginning of the XV century, at the heat of the Concil of Basel, reconsidered that incipient modernity from a philosophy which was able to revitalize and wake up the man, going to beyond the Scholasticism, and trying to neutralize the dangesrs which nested in the Nominalism, in the Averroism, or in the temptation, which was expressed at the time, to order the reality from the mere reason. In his Book of the Creaures (Liber creaturarum or Theologia Nauralis) he offered a new path and way, the science of true knowledge and true love, of full joy that the man was able to pant and reach, through a double book: the book of nature and the book of the Scripture.

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