La relación entre teología y antropología filosófica en el Liber creaturarum de Ramón Sibiuda

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Alexander FIDORA


One of last century's most suggestive solutions to the problem of the relation between faith and reason may be found in the reconciliation of nature and supernature as proposed by the so-called "Nouvelle Theologie" and which has been taken on by Karl Rahner and his "transcendental-anthropologic" approach. Yet, this solution is not absolutely unprecedented in the history of Theology and Philosophy as is shown by the interesting case of Ramon Sibiuda, whose Liber creaturarum, which was written some time before 1436, proposes precisely a Philosophical Anthropology as the privileged access to Theology and its mysteries of faith. The present paper depicts the general outlines of Sibiuda's argumentation while it points out the actuality of some of his key concepts, as, for instance, experience and the natural desire towards God.

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