Entre el tiempo y la etemidad: la idea de la eviternidad en el pensamiento de Raimundo Lulio

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The subject of this article is Lulrs concept of eviernity which mediates between the eternity of God and the temporality of man. The first paragraph points out the salient importance of this topic in the work of Ramon Lull, particulary in his outstanding enciclopedia Arbor scientiae. After a glance backward at the previous history of the Lullian idea (second paragraph), the third paragraph sets forth that with his notion of eviternity Lull does not associate the special time of angels; unlike other medieval theologians for him eviternity is an escathological concept which signifies the measurement of the duration of a life in damnation or salvation. The article concludes with a view at a contemporary theological dispute about the usability of "aevum" as a term of the doctrine of eternal life.

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