El Llibre d'Amic i Amat de Ramón Llull: modesta contribución al estudio de sus fuentes

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Intertextual study of the Libre d' amici amat in the fields of spirituality, theology and literature, with special references to the latin patristic, the thought of the Cistercians and the Victorines, the legenda of Ami et Amile, etc. The method of filiations and sources is adopted, but with major corrections: the likeliness about themes and motifs has not only to be pointed; that first step must be prolonged by an interrogation about the sense and the function of these elements in the architecture, the systeme of a particular thought. The a. emphatises also how relevant to unify philosophy and poetics it is; in that way, he outlines the chief features of one possible tipology for the examplum in the Iullian opuscule.

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