Judíos y cristianos: la apologética de la tolerancia en el «Llibre del gentil»

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In order to understand Llullian apologetics of tolerance we must situate the Llibre del gentil (1274/76) within the context of the Mall orca of the three religions, that of the Judea-Christian disputes, of the JudeaMuslim sectarisms, of the schism and of the Christian heterodoxies. Only by taking all this into account, can we study in Llullian apologetics concepts such as "tolerance of benevolence" or "rational tolerance". Llullian apologetics doesn't try to change a belief by another but to lay the bridge of rational tolerance to understand the truth of faith in the search of the utopia of religious unity. The aim would be therefore, to look for a solution to the Judeo Christian conflict of messianism, by means, for example, of a rapprochement through the common concept of hope, even though respecting the semantic differences of both systems of thought.

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