Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval 2020-04-01T14:00:24+02:00 Celia López Alcalde Open Journal Systems <div align="JUSTIFY"><p><em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> is a yearly scholarly publication indexed, peer-reviewed, and distributed by UCO Press. Regularly published since 1993, <em>Revista</em> is the official journal of SOFIME (<em>Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval</em>). Its official venue is the University of Córdoba (Spain).</p><p>The main scope of <em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> is the broad field of studies on medieval thought. Its most specific aim is to provide scholarship with outstanding scientific contributions specifically on the scientific and philosophical reflections developed through the Middle Ages, their sources, and their influence throughout the Renaissance and the Early-Modern Period. Any original contribution to the study on the four main medieval traditions – Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek – is welcomed, especially if focused on the transmission of knowledge among these different frameworks. While the main interest of the journal ultimately resides in the philosophical analysis of doctrinal positions held by medieval and early-modern thinkers, papers examining the historical context of those positions are welcomed as well, recognising the implicit link between historical and philosophical study of medieval thought. The journal also welcomes original papers on the broad history of scientific reflection, from the Late Antiquity to the Early-Modern Period, especially when linked to their medieval developments or sources.</p><p>Dedicated sections of the journal aim at publishing critical reviews of new published books, as well as scientific notes of short length. In exceptional cases, <em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> accepts modern translations of medieval and early-modern texts of short length and duly introduced. Translations should be realised bearing in mind their twofold aim of divulgation <em>and</em> scholarly contribution: the editorial committee will accept the submission only of those papers meeting both these requirements.</p><p>The submitted articles must be original contributions. Please, notice that the journal will accept a limited number of contributions by the same author. Authors should be aware that <em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> will hold the rights of the published articles. Consequently, published articles must not be published, either entirely or partially, in any other publications without an explicit authorization by the journal editorial committee.</p><p> </p><p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Access</span></strong></p><p><em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> is rated by <em>Sistema de Valoración Integrada de Revistas Españolas</em> (RESH), <em>Difusión y Calidad Editorial de las Revistas Españolas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas</em> (DICE) and LATINDEX. The journal is indexed in <em>Philosopher’s Index</em> (PHI), <em>ISOC - Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades</em>, <em>Répertoire Bibliographique de la Philosophie</em> (RBPH), <em>Regesta Imperii</em>, <em>Dialnet</em> and EBSCO. <em>Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval</em> is published with the financial support of the <em>Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval</em> (SOFIME), printed and distributed, also in open access, by UCO Press.</p></div> Herbert L. 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