La domus di Europa a Forum Sempronii

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Filippo Venturini


The Domus of Europa has been under excavation since 2004. This particular building seems more like a labyrinth than like a Roman private house at first glance, due to its complex plan. The typical Roman domus is characterized by an axial and symmetrical disposition of the rooms, which seems to be completely missing in the Domus of Europa. This labyrinth like plan is due to the fact that this house is the result of the union of two different buildings, named respectively as “Building A” and “Building B”. In the following pages, the life phase of these two buildings will be outlined into their junction during 150-200 A.D. until the destruction of the Domus of Europa due to fire, which has been agreed to have happened during the IV century A.D. After this tragic event, it is argued here that during the V Century A.D. a new building rose on top of the old one (referred to as “Building C”).

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