Current doctoral theses

Democratization of data science (definite title pending)
Student: Rafael Barbudo Lunar
Started on: Fall 2018
Keywords: data science; auto machine learning; evolutionary algorithms
Awards and nominations:
  • October 2018. Best student paper of the Spanish Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Abstract: With this PhD thesis, we plan to explore the sinergies between the artificial intelligence and data science as a way to fill the gap between domain experts and data scientists.
Application of scientific workflows on data-intensive domains
Student: Rubén Salado Cid
Started on: Fall 2016
Keywords: scientific workflows; data science; model-driven engineering
Abstract: This thesis started our research line on democratisation of data science. This is focused on filling the cognitive and operative gap between domain experts and data analysts by providing the proper representation and really interoperable workflow management tools.

Former PhD students

Metaheuristic models to the development of intelligent systems for the decision support in software construction
PhD student: Aurora Ramírez Quesada
Defended on: September 2018
  • October 2018. "Frances Allen" Award to the Best Doctoral Thesis conducted by the Spanish Society of Artificial Intelligence (AEPIA).
  • September 2014. Second Prize to the Best Doctoral Thesis proposal. Doctoral Consortium @ JISBD 2014 (Spanish Conference on Software Engineering and Databases).
  • 2014. Best paper of the SBSE Track at GECCO 2014. Nomination to the best conference paper.
  • 2013. Nomination to the Best paper of MAEB 2013 (Spanish Conference on Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Computation).
Keywords: search-based software engineering; metaheuristic; automatic discovery of software architectures
New challenges in association rule mining: an approach based on genetic programming
PhD student: José María Luna Ariza
Defended on: January 2014
Keywords: genetic programming; data mining; association rule mining
Mining data using automatic programming based on ant colony optimisation
PhD student: Juan Luis Olmo Ortiz
Defended on: March 2013
Keywords: swarm intelligence; ant programming; data mining; classification