PhD students & graduates

Aurora Esteban (started 2020) - Outiliers detection from an active learning perspective

Antonio R. Moya (started 2020) - Improving the architecture and interpretability of Deep Neural Networks: an evolutionary computing approach.

Paolo Cachi (started 2019) - New spiking neural network models for incremental learning applied to image classification and object recognition problems

Mohammed Yahya (started 2019) - New Deep Learning Approaches in Anomaly Detection. Applications

Juan A. Marín (started 2019) - New Advances in Sequential Pattern Mining

Mohammed Al-Twijri (started 2019) - Mode lling Course Difficulty Indexes to Enhance Students Performance and Course Study Plans

Eduardo Perez (started 2018) - Automatic Diagnosis of Melanoma with Modern Machine Learning Techniques

Hermes Robles (started 2016) - New Clustering Methods Based on Evolutionary Computation

José Antonio Delgado (started 2016) - New Machine Learning Methods in Biomedicine

Francisco Padillo (2020) - New Challenges in Associative Classification: Big Data and Applications

Carmen Luque-Guzman (2020) - Text Mining y Medicina: Una Aproximación a la Detección Temprana de Enfermedades

José María Moyano (2020) - Multi-label Classification Models for Heterogeneous Data: an Ensemble-Based Approach

Jorge Gonzalez-Lopez (2019) - Distributed Multi-Label Learning on Apache Spark

Gabriella Melki (2018) - Novel Support Vector Machines for Diverse Learning Paradigms

Aurora Ramírez (2018) - Metaheuristic models to the development of decision support systems in software construction

Óscar G. Reyes (2016) - New hybrid learning models for multi-label classification and label ranking

Carlos Marquez-Vera (2015) - Prediction of Student Dropout by Data Mining Techniques

Alberto Cano (2014) - New Classification Models Based on Evolutionary Algorithms

José M. Luna (2014) - New challenges in association rule mining: An approach based on genetic programming

José Luis Ávila (2013) - New Genetic Programming Methods for Multi-label Classification

Juan Luis Olmo (2013) - Ant-Based Programming in Classification: Applications

Amelia Zafra (2009) - Grammar-Based Genetic Programming for Multiple Instance Learning

Cristobal Romero (2003) - Applying Knowledge Discovery Techniques for the Improvement of Web-Based Hipermedia Adaptive Courses