Applications - Precision agriculture


Identificación de rodales de mala hierba con técnicas de teledetección, clasificación de cubiertas en cultivos.

  • Collaborator Institution:  Spanish Inter-Ministerial Commision of Science and Technology, European Regional Development fund and Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, CSIC, Spain.
  • Main targeted goal: Avoid the soil erosion with cover crops between rows, control strategies for herbicides, to address the presence or absence of cover crops, detection of weed infested fields, Yield prediction.
  • Methodological subfield: Supervised Classification, Logistic Regression,    Artificial Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Metaheuristics, Decision-making process,  agricultural remote sensing, crop parameters in precision farming.
  • Methodological contribution: New classification and regresion algorithms, new methods to analyze multispectral imagery, new artificial neural netwoks models.
  • Impact in domain field:  New models for stimating parameters in precision farming, more accuracy in precision agriculture for economic savings and production increases.