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Jesus V. Jorrin-Novo



Prof. Jesús V. Jorrín Novo, Ph. D. in Biology, joined the University of Córdoba and the Agricultural, Plant Biochemistry and Systems Biology group by 1984, being the actual responsible since 2010. As by January 2017 he has published 130 SCI papers, being cited 2600 times, with h-index of 28 and average of 18,9 cites per paper. Most of the papers have been published in journals of the first quartile of the corresponding subject area, including first Plant Sciences, Agronomy, and then Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Biochemical Research Methods.  According to the Research Gate Portal (RG 41,63, 11912 reads, 3453 citations, and 2523 profile views) Dr. Jorrin Novo is the most read author from the Dpt. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Cordoba during the last year.

His publications and scientific contributions are summarized in the following table:  




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Regarding Dr. Jorrin-Novo activities it should be emphasized:

His capacity to establish national and international cooperations, especially with Latin-America. He participates in financed research projects with groups from Portugal, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia. He has been involved, since 2004, in 5 EU financed projects within different programs. Some of his publications are co-authored with groups from Brazil, Japan, France, Austria, Germany, and Argentina. In the last ten years he is or has supervised Ph. D students not only from Spain but from other countries (Algeria, Paraguay, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Mexico); once back most of the recent PhD supervised keep collaborating. During the last decade he received in his lab 29 foreign Ph. D. students or postdocs (Brazil,   Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina, Turkey, Colombia, Poland, France, Chile, Argentina, and Cuba) from a period of 1 month to one year.

His main goal is to connect research and academia. Thus, he is/has supervised/co-supervised 25 Ph. D. Thesis, 14 Master Thesis, and 25 Degree Thesis.

He is senior editor of Journal of Proteomics, and Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, Associate editor of Frontiers in Plant Sciences-Proteomics, member of the editorial board of 6 journals, and has reviewed manuscript for around 50 journals, within the proteomics, plant sciences and biochemistry and molecular biology fields.

He has organized or actively participating in the scientific committee of 21 International Meetings/symposiums.

He is recognized and reputed at the international level by his contributions to the Proteomics field, and more concretely to the Plant Proteomics area. He contributed to the construction of the Spanish and European Proteomics Societies where he played an important role up to 2015. Also participated in the launch of Journal of Proteomics. He has been responsible of the plant proteomics section within SEProt, EuPA and HUPO events. His activity has been recognized by the University of Cordoba, Andalucian Regional and Spanish Evaluation agencies, with 5 positive evaluations since 1986). He has made important and recognized contributions to the study of parasitic plants and forest tree species at the molecular and proteomics level. Both are defined as recalcitrant, and orphan species of great difficulty from an experimental point of view.

Bioquímica y Proteómica Vegetal y Agroforestal

Departamento de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular

Universidad de Córdoba

Campus de Rabanales. Edif. Severo Ochoa, planta baja

E-14071 Córdoba. Spain

Tfno: (+34) 957 218609