Board of Directors

Title Person Phone Number
Director Ms. Francisca Daza Sánchez +34 957 213 030
Secretary of the Center Ms. Cora Castillejo González +34 957 213 028
Sub-Director of Students and International Relations Ms. Adela Pérez Galvin +34 957 213 029
Sub-Director of Academic Management Mr. Francisco Javier de los Ríos López +34 957 213 033
Coordinator of Quality and Institutional Relations
(with Academic and Administrative Rank of Assistant Director)
Mr. Enrique Fernández Ledesma +34 957 213 033


The Technical School of Belmez stands out for its singular location as it is the only campus of the UCO that is located 70 kilometres outside the city in the Sierra Morena mountains, giving it a special charm. The School is a cultural reference in the area as well as at the University of Cordoba.

The degrees offered at the Technical School of Belmez are characterized by their high market demand. For this reason admissions have increased considerably in recent years.

The School was founded in 1924. The town of Belmez has many quality infrastructures including first-rate accommodations and sports and entertainment facilities for students, all of which can be found in a peaceful and tranquil climate that creates an excellent atmosphere for study and a community spirit among students.


Services and Facilities

The following services are available at the School: Secretariat, Library, Computer Lab, Laboratories (Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, Electrotechnology, Hydraulics, Construction, Minerallurgy), Student Council, Career Orientation Office, Emilio Iznardi Alzate Cultural Seminar, Copy Service, Cafeteria, Sports Facilities.


University Life

The “Emilio Iznardi Alzate” cultural seminar, whose headquarters are located at the School, organizes a variety of activities including: Flamenco Shows; Film courses; Architectural and Public Works Photography Seminars.

The School also holds conferences throughout the academic year to train and inform students in aspects related to teaching and professional activity.

Other activities include programmed visits to mining and public works companies and institutions. Events are also held on December 4th to celebrate the Day of Santa Barbara, the Patron of Mining and the School’s patron and on May 12th to celebrate the Patron of Public Works, Santo Domingo de la Calzada.



The University of Cordoba maintains agreements with more than 90 companies where Public Works Engineering and Mining Engineering students may conduct internships.


International Relations

The Technical School of Belmez promotes student mobility at both the national and international level. With this aim, the School participates in the SICUE-SENECA, SOCRATES and PIMA programmes.

Under these programmes the School has agreements at the national level with the following universities and schools (SICUE-SENECA programme)

1. Politechnical University of Madrid (High Technical School of Mine)

2. University of León (Technical Mining Engineering School)

3. University of Jaén (Technical School of Linares)

4. University of Huelva (Higher Technical School)

5. University of Cantabria (Technical Mining Engineering School of Torrelavega)

6. Technical School of Catalonia (Technical School of Manresa)

7. University of Salamanca (Higher Technical School of Zamora)

8. Technical School of Valencia (Higher Technical School of Roads, Canals and Ports)

9. Univesity of Vasc Coutry (Technical School of Mine and Public Works)

10. University of Cadiz (High Technical School)

11. University of Las Palmas of Gran Canarias (Technical School)

and at the international level (SOCRATES-ERASMUS and PIMA) with:

1.Ecole Superieur d’Ingenieurs des Travaux de la Construction de Caen (France)

2. Universite la Rochelle (France)

3. Ecole Supérieure d'Ingenieures de Poitiers (France)

4. Kobenhavns Tekniske Skole of Copenhagen (Denmark)

5. Universitá Degli Studi di Trento. Facolté di Ingegneria (Italy)

6. Universitá Degli Studi di Trento. Facolté di Ingegneria (Italy)

7. Bialystok Technical University (Poland)

8. Intituto Politécnico da Guarda (Portugal)

9. Transilvania University of Brasov (Rumany)

10. National University of San Juan (Argentine)

11. Catholic University of Peru

12. Central University of Venezuela

13. University of Sonora (Mexico)

14. University of Catamarca (Argentina)

15. University of Colombia

16. University of Santiago de Chile

17. National Univesity of Patagonia Austral (Argentina)

18. University of Magallanes (Chile)

These mobility agreements provide our students with the opportunity to complete part of their training at other institutions, while permitting students from these institutions to come to our School.