PAAA 2024

New paper introducing Proxemics-Net++. A model to automatically classify proxemic-based interactions in images.

PR 2024

New paper introducing AttenGait, a new model for gait-based people identification using optical flow and attention mechanisms.


New paper introducing UGaitNet (extending ICIP'2021). Code: GitHub

PAMI 2021

New paper introducing LAEO-Net++ (extending CVPR'2019). Code: here - W3Schools

CMPB 2020

New paper introducing our new neural network to automatically detect people falls by using accelerometers at Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine journal.

NCAA 2020

New paper introducing our new multimodal gait recognition system (combining gray, optical flow and depth) at Neural Computing and Applications journal.


Do you already know our ucoSLAM project?

ECCV 2018

New paper on incremental learning by using deep learning accepted for presentation at ECCV'2018