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Evaluation of dimethyl carbonate as alternative biofuel. Performance and smoke emissions of a diesel engine fueled with diesel/dimethyl carbonate/straight vegetable oil triple blends Sustainability

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 EPR and CV studies cast further light on the origin of the enhanced hydrogen production through glycerol photoreforming on CuO:TiO2physical mixtures Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

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Hydrogenation of α,β‐unsaturated carbonyl compounds over covalently heterogenized ru(Ii) diphosphine complexes on alpo4‐sepiolite supports Catalysts

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 Catalytic Processes for Biomass-Derived Platform Molecules Valorisation Topics in Catalysis

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Olive leaves as biotemplates for enhanced solar-light harvesting by a titania-based solid Nanomaterials

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Acetone prospect as an additive to allow the use of castor and sunflower oils as drop-in biofuels in diesel/acetone/vegetable oil triple blends for application in diesel engines Molecules

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Sulfonated carbons from olive stones as catalysts in the microwave-assisted etherification of glycerol with tert-butyl alcohol Molecular Catalysis

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Microwave-assisted glycerol etherification over sulfonic acid catalysts Materials 

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Hydrogen production through glycerol photoreforming on TiO2/mesoporous carbon: Influence of the synthetic method Materials 

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Diethyl ether as an oxygenated additive for fossil diesel/vegetable oil blends: Evaluation of performance and emission quality of triple blends on a diesel engine Energies

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Outlook for direct use of sunflower and castor oils as biofuels in compression ignition diesel engines, being part of diesel/ethyl acetate/straight vegetable oil triple blends Energies

Aguado-Deblas L., Estevez R., Hidalgo-Carrillo J., Bautista F.M., Luna C., Calero J., Posadillo A., Romero A.A., Luna D. (2020). Volume 13, 18 ART_No 4836

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 Application of Enzymatic Extracts from a CALB Standard Strain as Biocatalyst within the Context of Conventional Biodiesel Production Optimization Molecules

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Sulfonic Acid Functionalization of Different Zeolites and Their Use as Catalysts in the Microwave-Assisted Etherification of Glycerol with tert-Butyl Alcohol Molecules

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Study of the gas-phase glycerol oxidehydration on systems based on transition metals (Co, Fe, V) and aluminium phosphate Molecular Catalysis

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Photocatalytic production of hydrogen from binary mixtures of C-3 alcohols on Pt/TiO2: Influence of alcohol structure Catalysis Today

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Rhizomucor miehei Lipase Supported on Inorganic Solids, as Biocatalyst for the Synthesis of Biofuels: Improving the Experimental Conditions by Response Surface Methodology Energies

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Influence of Boron, Tungsten and Molybdenum Modifiers on Zirconia Based Pt Catalyst for Glycerol Valorization Nanomaterials

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Hydrogen Photo-Production from Glycerol Using Nickel-Doped TiO2 Catalysts: Effect of Catalyst Pre-Treatment Energies

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Synthesis, Performance and Emission Quality Assessment of Ecodiesel from Castor Oil in Diesel/Biofuel/Alcohol Triple Blends in a Diesel Engine Catalysts

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Performance and Emission Quality Assessment in a Diesel Engine of Straight Castor and Sunflower Vegetable Oils, in Diesel/Gasoline/Oil Triple Blends Energies

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Evaluation of Lipases from Wild Microbial Strains as Biocatalysts in Biodiesel Production Separations

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An Overview of the Production of Oxygenated Fuel Additives by Glycerol Etherification, Either with Isobutene or tert-Butyl Alcohol, over Heterogeneous Catalysts Energies

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Biodiesel at the Crossroads: A Critical Review Catalysts 

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Optimization by response surface methodology of the reaction conditions in 1,3-selective transesterification of sunflower oil, by using CaO as heterogeneous catalyst Molecular Catalysis

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