Bo Ra Kim

Student: Bo Ra Kim

Home University: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

Degree: International Studies and Spanish Language

Studies/Work at the UCO: Degree in Spanish Philology

My experience:

 "I am from South Korea and in order to arrive here I had to handle with a long trip of 14 hours, but now, when I remember the time I´ve spent in Córdoba, I can say Spain is worth it.

I´m learning Spanish and I´ve had many cultural experiences here. It´s the best place for learning Spanish, of course. Moreover, living in a foreign country has provided me with knowledge in many ways and broaden my horizons.

Everything has being comfortable. My professors, my international tutor, my housemates, other international students, and all the people from Córdoba have always been willing to help me.

The university system is very similar to South Korean, with the exception that in Córdoba we don’t have class on Fridays and there are many parties. I see that people here enjoy more nature and live happier than in Korea. As a resident in Spain, I enjoy Spanish customs and Spanish way of life. I am pretty sure that all international students who come to Córdoba will experience precious moments.

I am really happy to be here, come to Córdoba!"


Giulia Fasano

Student: Giulia Fasano

Home university: Universidad de Napoli “Federico II Disvevia”.

Degree: Philosophy and Letters.

Studies/Work at the UCO: History, Humaniyies and Art History.

My experience:

"My very first days were not very easy because of all the paperwork I had to deal with and the courses I had chosen before coming were not offered and so I had to change them. Moreover, when I arrived classes had already started and so I had to rush up. The best thing about all this was that the International Office at my Faculty was always willing to help me with everything.

I like classes a lot because they are very interesting and professors foster students’participation.

Regarding the language, accent was difficult in the beginning, but I hope to learn a lot during my stay, I wish to meet Spanish people and live their culture with them.

I would definitely recommend students to come to Córdoba!"