Prof. Dr. Enrique Yeguas Bolívar (Phd)

Profesor Titular Universidad
Foto de Enrique Yeguas

He is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Sciences and Numerical Analysis and member of the Computer Vision Applications research group. His main research fields are Computer Graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. He is author of more than ten high-quality contributions published in international journals indexed in JCR (Q1 and Q2). He has participated in several research projects funded by the Spanish ministry of Science and Innovation related to Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (?Applying CAD tools to virtual reality: parametric modeling and rendering in dynamic environments?), Augmented Reality and Soft Computing (?3D vision system for markerless human motion capture?) and Virtual & Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (?Visual SLAM fusing fiducial markers, keypoints, color and 3D information, and its applications to three-dimensional reconstruction and augmented reality?). His current projects are an EU project concerned to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion (?VRAIlexia - Partnering Outside the Box: Digital and Artificial Intelligence Integrated Tools to Support Higher Education Students with Dyslexia?) and a local project referred to Computer Vision applied to jewelry (?Multilingual tool for the jewelry market?). He is an active participant of several programs applied to educational innovation such as EA Talent Scout, Playstation Talents and NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program.