This symposium is the culmination of the research project funding it. The research team and work group in the project, together with the invited plenary speakers (two of whom are also members of the project’s work group) will meet for two days to present the results of their own research on metonymy, and to discuss them and related topics.

Funding agencies:

  • Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain (MICINN and AEI)
  • European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)
  • University of Córdoba




We are grateful to the following people and institutional entities for their help in various aspects of the organization, funding and publicity of this event:
– The Faculty of Philosophy, especially its Dean, Prof Ricardo Córdoba de la Llave.
– The Chapter of the Cathedral of Córdoba, especially Dr Antonio Llamas.
– The Department of English and German, University of Córdoba.
– The Research Group HUM-693, University of Córdoba.