Pérez-González, J. & Carranza, J. (2023)

Pérez-González, J. & Carranza, J. (2023) Genetic Diversity of Wild Boar and Deer. Animals 2023, 13, 11. https://doi.org/10.3390/ ani13010011

Genetic diversity provides the long-term capacity of species, communities, and the biosphere to persist under change. It is a fundamental element of biodiversity that is globally declining, mainly in habitats that are more affected by humans [1]. The monitoring and maintenance of genetic diversity is crucial for the conservation of threatened populations and species [2,3]. Furthermore, genetic diversity can have consequences beyond population conservation. Low levels of genetic diversity may favor pathogen success and the spread of infectious diseases in communities [4,5]. Therefore, the maintenance of genetic diversity can also be considered a public health concern.


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