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Los interesados pueden contactar con el Prof. Dr. D. Juan Manuel Corpa Arenas,  <>, en la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia). 2019-04-08 11:09 o con el Prof.D. Joaquin Ortega Porcel  <>. Texto: Han salido convocadas tres plazas de profesores asociados para Practicas de Anatomia Patologica en nuestra Universidad. La informacion esta disponible en el siguiente enlace: Es una magnifica oportunidad para candidatos jovenes que quieran comenzar o ir consolidando su trayectoria como docentes.

Facultad de Veterinaria Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU, CEU Universities c/ Tirant lo Blanch, 7 ­ 46115 Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia) Tel. ((+34) 96 136 9000. Ext. 66014. Fax. (+34) 96 139 5272.  

[1] JUAN MANUEL CORPA ARENAS Coordinador adjunto del programa - CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado (CEINDO) Valencia Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera Avda. Seminario s/n. 46113 Moncada - Valencia Tel. 96 136 90 00 - 66014 [1]  

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La Sociedad Portuguesa de Patología Animal nos invita a participar en el Congreso  que se celebrará los dias 19 y 20 de mayo de 2017, ver en este enlace:





The Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, invites young scientists to apply for three positions as researchers at the level of Assistant Professor, non-tenure track (4 years) Successful applicants are expected to develop a strong research program of high relevance in the veterinary medical field, to supervise students at the level of master, doctorate and/or PhD, and to contribute to teaching. The positions are supported by internal funding, but successful acquisition of additional external funding is expected.

Candidates must have a PhD or an equivalent qualification in veterinary, medical or biological sciences, and between two and seven years of postdoc and/or clinical and diagnostic research experience. The application must include a CV, a publication list, a short documentation of ongoing and past research activities and of third party funding, documentation of activities in teaching and student supervision, as well as the names and contact information of three references. Importantly, the application must contain an outline of the planned research program (maximum three pages) and its relevance for the veterinary field. Research programs with a focus on clinical sciences and/or with an association to one of the four Reserach Priority Foci (RPFs, see below) of the Vetsuisse Faculty Bern are especially welcome.
The Vetsuisse Faculty Bern has four distinct RPFs: host-pathogen interactions, neurological diseases, dermatological diseases, and veterinary public health/herd health. The RPFs represent interdepartmental collaborative research efforts, which span basic science, translational research, and clinical investigations covering a diversity of advanced technologies as well as animal models. By joining an RPF, the applicant will take advantage from the numerous collaboration possibilities and the broad expertise being available within the RPF.
However, applications in association with independent research projects of groups that are not part of the RPFs are also welcome. Prior to applying for this position applicants are strongly advised to contact the leaders of the RPFs or the leaders of the independent project they would like to be integrated in. For contact information applicants may visit the homepage or get in contact with the Dean’s Office

Please send your application documents as a single pdf-file to the Dean’s Office  by 31.12.2015. We encourage applications from women, as the University of Bern is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to support the compatibility of family and work.




La  S.E.A.P.V. convoca AYUDAS para los Socios en formación.

Ver convocatoria :   Finalizado el plazo.

Ver impreso de solicitud.

Libro sobre Anatomía Patológica Sistemática Veterinaria

Libro sobre Veterinaria Forense

Libro sobre Oncología Veterinaria

Libro sobre Toxicología Veterinaria

Libro sobre el Virus del Nilo Occidental en Caballos

Libro titulado: Atlas de Patología Ovina

Libro titulado: Atlas de Parasitología Ovina


Revista Veterinary Pathology




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