The Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cordoba was created in 2006 as a division of the former Department of Electrical and Electronics, keeping the basic structure Area Electrical Engineering occupied in that department and has been present throughout the history of this University.


His career dates back as dependent Centres and University Chairs organizational structure, the beginnings of the University of Cordoba in 1972, and even before, because in 1948 the specialty of Electricity was provided in the degrees that time were called "Industrial Perito "and whose registered as" School of Industrial Experts "was in the Carbonell and Moran street of Cordoba.


Once established as an independent department, faculty attached to it has been playing their teaching and research work from different locations and facilities, like the old Polytechnic School and the School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry, located on the campus of Menéndez Pidal and in the former School of Mines, in the town of Belmez.


Since 2008, most of the staff of the Department moves to Campus Rabanales, occupying part of the facilities located in Building Leonardo da Vinci. Only the assignment is maintained at the current Polytechnic Belmez responsible for the teaching given at the Centre staff.


Currently, the Department of Electrical Engineering teaches at the Polytechnic School of Córdoba, School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry and the Polytechnic School of Belmez, in Grades of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Rural Environment, Forestry, Enology, Civil engineering and Engineering in Energy and Mineral Resources. Also assists in the delivery of various Masters offered by the University of Córdoba.


Finally, it should be stressed that the faculty of the Department is fully involved in research work, through group attached thereto (Research Group of Electrical Engineering) research as well as their participation and collaboration in other groups sponsored Andalusian Research Plan (PAI).