Call for Abstracts

Instructions to submit your abstract

Instructions to submit oral presentations/posters

Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

Important dates

Oral presentation/Poster Submission Deadline: 07/03/2019 (included)
Oral presentation/Poster Submission Approval Deadline: 15/03/2019 (included)
2nd Annoucement publication: February 2019
Colloquium Programmes published with 3rd Annoucement: 14/02/2019
Registration Deadline (determines the order of application): 30/04/2019


Modalities of participation: Oral presentation and poster

Once the conference timetable is set, it would not be possible to accept all the presentations as oral presentations. In this way, the Colloquium organizers will reserve the right to select abstracts as oral presentations or poster presentations according to scientific quality criteria.

All participants may send oral or poster presentations or both. In the latter case, they may not be on the same topic.

Those abstracts that have been selected, but do not meet the requirements for this model, would be proposed by the organization for presentation as a poster one. Therefore, it will be established Poster Sessions to enable participants to show their scientific works.

Please select your choice on the registration form. The organization will provide a reference number for those abstracts that have been accepted.

Presentation instructions

Deadline: Abstracts concerning the above subjects should be transmitted by 7 March 2019.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the corresponding form that you will find on this website, it must contain the information provided in the abstract form.

Author(s) who submits abstracts will be notified regarding the acceptance/rejection by 15/03/2019 (included).

Abstracts language: English

Oral presentations of accepted abstracts should not exceed 20 minutes.

Posters should have a size DIN A-0 (vertical presentation)

Only abstracts whose presenting author has registered will be accepted.

Abstracts submission

1. Modalities of participation: ORAL PRESENTATION and POSTER
2. For both the posters and the oral presentations, a one-paged abstract should be submitted.
4. Abstracts should be submitted through the “on-line” form available at the bottom of this page (ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION FORM), including:

  • Presenting author: Name and surname of the presenting author (it will be necessary that, at least, this author is registered in the event)
  • Authors: List of authors (including presenting author). Name's initial letter in capitals and surmame (Name: S / Surname: Aranda-Ocampo), assigning to each author the institution provided previously.
  • Authors’ institution: Institution name, including postal address and e-mail address

5. The abstract structure is:

  • Title (to be written in lower-case letters), e.g.: Modelling survival of Listeria monocytogenes in olive oil.
  • Then, “copy & paste” the main text of the abstract into the specific textbox, do not re-write the headings.
  • Please, do not add a dot at the end of each section. You can use the commands "italics" I, underlined U and bold B to provide format to the text directly in the web application.
  • The new paragraph must follow the page margin: do not indent any spaces on the left.
  • Maximum length: 3.000 characters (including spaces). This is roughly equivalent to some 400 words.
  • The submission application provides by the default a specific font style and size. The application does not allow graphic tables or images* .

Warning about instructions for the use of the form

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