The insect pests can produce until the 25% of yield losses of the crops. The use of non- appropriate control methods, the overuse and reliance on chemical insecticides can result in the non-effective control of insect pests and the emergence of resistant and cross-resistance to chemical insecticides.

The development of new environmentally safe and sustainable alternatives has become an urgent need for an integrated control program insect pest, with emphasis on biological control through entomopathogens. The entomopathogenic organisms can regulate naturally insect populations reducing the insecticide amount. The relationship between the insects and their pathogens is used as a powerful tool for insect pest control.

Our department is able to identify different insect pests and their associated pathogens by using basic and molecular biology. The recognition of insect pests and diseases often is possible by external characters, symptoms and signs, but also with molecular techniques based on DNA.

Potential clients:

  • Research groups of institutional organizations, companies, particulars
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Diagnostic Service Rates

a) 80 euros / sample of soil or plant visually inspected

b) 190 euros / soil or plant sample with identification through molecular protocols. The visit to the farm has a cost of 45 euros / hour of work plus travel expenses by car (0,19 euros/km)