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La UCO con Ucrania

Paz y Libertad para Ucrania

Peace and Freedom for Ukraine

Мир и свободу Украине


General Criteria for Publication


1. The publishing form should be filled out by the author of the manuscript. For collective works, one of the editors/directors/coordinators must complete the publishing form on behalf of the authors.

2. The submitted manuscripts must be original and unpublished. Manuscripts that are already submitted or published elsewhere, either partially, either in totality, are systematically rejected. Plagiarism is not tolerated and the rejection of the manuscript is automatic at any stage of the process. In the case of reprint works or facsimile reproductions of out-of-print works, authors may have obtained permission from the copyright owners to reproduce material and they shall provide the corresponding editing right.

3. UCOPress, committed to its quality label, will require a double-blind peer review to determine the publication of the manuscript.

4. UCOPress Editorial Board will carefully assess the received reviews, requesting additional reports if necessary, in order to decide on the relevance of the submitted manuscripts.

5. The authors, once their manuscripts are approved, must submit them carefully formatted, using the mandatory style sheets of the series/collection in which they intend to publish.

6. Once the manuscript is accepted, the author/s must commit to make all the corrections deemed appropriate.

7. The author/s may have obtained permission from the copyright owners to reproduce material, including photographs, images, diagrams, videos or audio, and must send this permission in the required digital format.

8. Once the manuscript is accepted, the author/s must sign a publishing agreement according to the conditions stipulated.

9. In the event of manuscript rejection, UCOPress is committed to destroy completely the submitted materials, including all data from the log file, as well as not to keep any copy, by any means, thereby preserving both the author’s anonymity and the originality of his/her work.

10. The technical and formal (format, typography, binding, cover design, etc.) conditions shall be decided by UCOPress. Furthermore, the inclusion of institutional logos or trademarks will correspond to UCOPress Production Unit, complying with the corporate branding.

11. UCOPress does not fund either final Degree projects or Master Thesis.

12. In the event an author wishes to withdraw from publishing his/her work, s/he will be required to pay the expenses incurred to date, as well as the legal costs.




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