We had or we are currently collaborating with the following scientists:

  • Dr. Guillermo Chantre (Professor, Facultad Agronomía, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina).
  • Dr. Joao Portugal (Facultad Agronomía, Universidad de Bejar, Portugal)
  • Dr. Frank Forcella North Central Soil Conservation Research Lab-USDA (Morris, Minnesota,USA).
  • Dr. Dave Mortensen (Weed Science, University of  Pennsylvania, USA).
  • Dr. Joe N. Perry (Plant & Invertebrate Ecology Dpt., Rothamsted Research, Harpenden,  UK).
  • Dr. Cesar Fernandez-Quintanilla (Crop Protection Department, Centro de Ciencias Medioambientales,CSIC, Madrid, Spain).
  • Dr. Eduardo Leguizamón (Weed Science Dpt. , University of Rosario, Argentina).
  • Fabiola Abascal (Weed Science Dpt., University of Tucumán, Argentina).
  • Dr. Andrea Grundy (Research Group Leader – Weed Ecology & Management, University of Warwick – UK).
  • Dr. Edite Sousa (Instituto Superior de Agronomía, Lisboa, Portugal).
  • Dr. Aida Ortíz (Central University , Venezuela).
  • Dr. Mauricio Lima (Pontificie Catholic University of Chile, Chile).
  • Dr. Ramón González (Universidad EARTH, Costa Rica).
  • Dr. Marcin Kozak (Department of Biometry, Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland).
  • Dr. Isabel Calhas (Instituto Nacional de Recursos Biológicos, INIA, Portugal).
  • Dr. Richard Plant (Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA).
  • Dr. Bruce Maxwell (University of Montana, USA).
  • Dr. Frank van de Bosch (Dpto de Biomatemáticas y Bioinformática, Rothamsted Research, UK).
  • Dr. Paul Neve (School of Life Sciences. University of Warwick, UK).
  • Dr. Rob Freckleton (Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield, UK).
  • Dr. Adam S. Davis (USDA/University of Illinois, Urbana, USA).
  • Dr.  Jonathan Storkey (Department of Plant and Invertebrate Ecology, Rothamsted Research, UK).
  • Dr. Pedro  Mondino (Faculty Agronomy, University of Republic, Uruguay).

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