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About Us

DFH’s research is focused on the study of hydrological processes in Mediterranean catchments, from an integrated manner connecting all agents involved in the basin water management. The group is engaged in numerous projects in collaboration with external partners in Spain, Europe and other continents, as well as, differents hydrological scientific networks worldwide.

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Recent Publications

Research results from DFH are published into recognized scientific journals with peer-reviewed processes. Here we summarize our last outcomes:

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Snow Dynamics, Hydrology, and Erosion.

Polo, M.J., Herrero, J., Millares, A., Pimentel, R., Moñino, A., Pérez-Palazón, M.J., Aguilar, C., Losada, M.A.

The effect of weighting hydrological projections based on the robustness of hydrological models under a changing climate.

Pastén-Zapata, E., Pimentel, R., Royer-Gaspard, P., Sonnenborg, T. O., Aparicio-Ibáñez, J., Lemoine, A., Pérez-Palazón, M.J., Schneider, R., Photiadou, C., Thirel, G., Refsgaard, J. C.

A remote sensing-based three-source energy balance model to improve global estimations of evapotranspiration in semi-arid tree-grass ecosystems.

Burchard-Levine V.; Nieto H.; Riaño D.; Kustas W.P.; Migliavacca M.; El-Madany T.S.; Nelson J.A.; Andreu A.; Carrara A.; Beringer J.; Baldocchi D.; Martí­n M.P.

What lies beneath: Vertical temperature heterogeneity in a Mediterranean woodland savanna.

Johnston, M.R., Andreu, A., Verfaillie, J., Baldocchi, D., Moorcroft, P.R.