Our Team

Our Team

DFH is a multidisciplinary and innovative research group at the University of Cordoba (Spain), which belongs to the Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA). We are composed of 18 members (2 senior researchers, 7 PhDs, 4 PhD students, 1 project manager and 2 external collaborators from the climate and hydrology service sectors). The researchers background is engineering in different disciplines, Civil, Agronomy and Forestry.


Ana Andreu Méndez

Postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellow

Cristina Aguilar Porro

Assistant Proffessor

Elena Herrera Romero

MSc on Strategies for Rural an Territorial Development

Elisabet Carpintero

PhD Student

Eva Contreras Arribas

PhD Forest Engineer Researcher

Javier Aparicio Ibáñez

FPI Fellow PhD Student

    Javier Herrero Lantarón

    PhD Civil Engineer Researcher

    María J. Pérez Palazón

    PhD Civil Engineer Researcher

    María J. Polo Gómez

    Full Professor (Main Researcher)

    María P. González Dugo

    Senior Researcher

    Marta Egüen Sánchez

    PhD Forest Engineer Researcher

    Pedro J. Gómez Giráldez

    PhD Forest Engineer Researcher

    Pedro Torralbo Muñoz

    FPU Fellow PhD Student

    Rafael Pimentel Leiva

    Postdoctoral Juan de la Cierva

    Raquel Gómez Beas

    PhD Civil Engineer Researcher

    Zacarías Gulliver

    PhD Civil Engineer Researcher