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Short course: Hydrological applications of GIS

Objectives and justification of the course:

The use of Geographic Information Systems as support tools for the spatial representation of characteristics, variables and processes of the terrain is generalized nowadays. Among the varied applications of GIS, the derivation of parameters and fluvial information from de Digital Elevation Model constitutes a prerequisite in every study concerning hydrological processes at different temporal scales. The objective of this course is to provide the knowledge underlying GIS techniques as well as the practical control of the main computer tools available nowadays for hydrological studies.


Academic director:

  • María José Polo Gómez y Adolfo Peña Acevedo


  • María José Polo Gómez
  • Encarnación Taguas Ruíz
  • Cristina Aguilar Porro
  • Adolfo Peña Acevedo
  • Amanda Penélope García Marín
  • Eva Contreras Arribas
  • Marta Egüén Sánchez
  • Raquel Gómez Beas

Editions: 2008/2009 academic year to present (2 editions): 4 credits
2004/2005 to 2007/2008 (5 editions): 2 credits



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