Exploring Andalusia


60 hours


C/Doña Berenguela S/N, Edificio Vial Norte-Uco. Córdoba   VER MAPA



Summer language and culture program

Program Dates

May 12 – May 29, 2025

June 2 – June 19, 2025

June 30 – July 18, 2025

Program description  

Specific summer program designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge of the Spanish  language and culture (history, traditions, art, society and customs) with a  communicative approach in a short period of time. 

Language levels & requirements   

  • Course A1 Level (Elementary level) is offered for students with no knowledge of Spanish language. Courses with cultural component and focus will be offered in English.  
  • B1 Level (Intermediate level) is offered for students basic level in Spanish (so  A2 level in Spanish is required). Courses with cultural component and focus will be offered in  Spanish.  Online Spanish placement test will be taken in advance once the student confirms attendance.

Program itinerary  

The program covers 60 contact hours (3 weeks program,  20 hour-week). This immersion package includes a standard Spanish and  culture course (20 lessons per week), homestay and full board, cultural  activities on Friday, excursions and visits to interesting places, exhibitions and  leisure activities.

The school & the language and culture program 

Ucoidiomas is the center of  languages belonging to the University of Cordoba. It is situated in the center  of  the city, in a new and modern building. The area is surrounded of cafés,  shops, restaurants, and close to the train/bus station. 


Program Description

Spanish Language &  Skills Practice (30 hours)

Spanish language course designed to improve assimilation and application of  grammar principles both in speaking and writing, and also to reinforce the use  of language through extensive communicative exercises in speaking, listening  and writing. 

Exploring Andalusia: History & art  (30 hours)

This course traces the main historical currents, movements, and events that have shaped Spanish society from the pre-Roman times to the IX Century. 

Particular attention is given to the historical presence and impact that different cultures have had in the formation of Spain as a state. In order to  do that their social, political, and cultural characteristics will be examined. Topics covered include the geography and the cultural diversity of Spain, Roman Spain, Moorish Spain, the Reconquest, the Catholic Kings, Imperial Spain, Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties, new ideologies during the XIX Century and the Spanish presence in America.  

Both Spanish language and culture  courses are designed to enhance students’s fluency in  Spanish by motivating them to speak about topics related to Spain, Spanish  culture and Spanish way of life, encouraging students to speak as much as  possible. Emphasis on learning about Andalusia and Cordoba.

Cultural & leisure activities

Field trips to sites in Andalucia (Cordoba, Granada or Sevilla) are incorporated into the course as part of the program, as well as guided historical tours and cultural  trips to the most attractive places in  Cordoba: Mosque & Jewish Quarter  tour.


Classes & activities are hold from 9.30-14.00,  Monday to Friday.  

Students must be in Cordoba by the official start date (arrival at Cordoba on Sunday). Departure the last day of the program.


By enrolling in this program, students will be living with a local host family, Host families are carefully selected by the University of Cordoba. They will live 15-30  minutes away from the school. In most cases, students can walk to school (or  by bike). They don’t need to use public transportation. 


They will stay in a  single room, free WIFI access at home, 3 meals a day, cleaning and laundry  once a week, and immersion atmosphere so as to improve Spanish and learn  about Spanish customs, daily life and culture. 


Students who do not want homestay  will be responsible for their own accommodation.

Travel & arrival Information. 

You can get to Cordoba by train  (nearby  airports include Seville and Malaga), and also from Madrid, the most  comfortable transport being the AVE train. By using this high-speed train, the  journey between Madrid and Cordoba is a little more than an hour and a half,  and the journey to Seville only takes forty minutes. 

Passports and Visa. 

Students are responsible to arrange for the passport  visas, and specific permits needed to study abroad.  Students   will receive the acceptance letter if needed once enrollment and payment is made.

Travel/ Health Insurance. 

Students must be protected by an insurance  coverage during the program. The cost of the health coverage is not included  in fees.

Tuition fee: 1500 EUR (fee, activities & homestay)

Price includes: 

Spanish  program (60 contact hours)

Course materials (book, workbook, online learning materials)

Cultural activities: field trips, excursions and leisure activities

Administration fees.

**Flight tickets and airport pick-up and drop-off are not included in  package price.**

Location & Information:

UCOIDIOMAS University of Cordoba, Spain
Address: C/ Doña Berenguela, s/n. (Edificio Vial Norte-UCO), 1st Floor, 14071, Cordoba, Spain
Telf. +34 957213104   +34 957213101

Más información: idiomas@uco.es

Cómo llegar  

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