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Quality in Language Learning (2020-1-PT01-KA226-HE-094809)

Language skills are a key element in the process of creation of a European Education Area. However, language proficiency levels among students are still unsatisfactory across the European Union with discrepancies between the different EU countries.

The project addresses the following main needs:
• Enhance the access to and use of quality digital technology-based language teaching sources among higher education lecturers.
• Improve digital technologies-based language teaching practices in higher education focusing on the teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes (e.g. engineers, technicians, managers etc.)
• Foster the application of digital technologies in language teaching at higher education level through the provision of practical indication for the purpose for decision makers at HE level and policy makers in education.



The QuiLL project objective is therefore to:

  • Provide language lecturers with the skills to identify, assess, use, create digital and ICT based language teaching sources.
  •  Provide decision makers and policy makers with the information and skills to enhance the implementation of digital and ICT based language teaching sources and method in the higher education systems.


Investigadora principal: María Elena Gómez Parra

e-mail: elena.gomez@uco.es

Página web del proyecto: https://quill.pixel-online.org