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This project makes possible to make a shared and private access environment for the students of the subject in this process with the information of the theoretical and practical tasks of the students in different subjects and degrees. These tasks can be assistance and teaching support.
In the subjects of this proposal each academic year students have to develop both the teaching practical activities of the subjects and academic tasks developed by the students following the new teaching model guidelines.
One of the main problems for the students in the application of the theoretical knowledge to practical tasks, and the edition of their documentation. It is a new task for the students, and it needs a high capacity of writing, organization of concepts, outline of concepts and formalization with established formats.
Furthermore, there are not any textbooks for doing this activity, so it is recommended for the students to consult the documentations of the previous year jobs (but they can´t access, because they are not saved) and to consult the dissertations (but they are so hard and formal). So, teachers must spend a lot of time of their teaching activity, to explain how to do the edition of the technical documents for the practices activities and works instead of to explain the concepts or the application of them.
Member of this teaching group have been developing documentation guidelines, whose have been made available to the students for making activities. In this way we have obtain a uniformity, whose didn´t exist up to now, for making technical documentations. However, students use different software tool for developing these documentations (analysis, design and diagram tools overall), and this fact is responsible for these documentations present a great variability for its development.
It is necessary to cover two important aspects for doing quality support to the teaching task of them (and it can extend many more, those are not covered by this teaching group, as:
  • To have a storage spacious in which it can be stored every year theoretical, practical works of the year, seminars, etc., and it can be offered this information to the students of the next years.
  • To have a tool that makes possible to make standards for the technical documents developed by the students, in order to do homogeneous the theoretical aspects for the analysis and design activities of systems. This tool will make possible the development of theoretical documentations using the international guidelines, those are given and used by the teaching of the implied subjects.
  • To develop, to extend and/or to adapt the guidelines of documentation developed by the teaching group up to now in order to cover more aspects of the teaching activities developed by the students.
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