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Materials & Applications

The research group FQM-391 “Materials and Applications” works in three lines

Capture, Storage and Use of CO2:

This line is related to the implementation of new materials for the capture and the use of CO2. Whether it is a reversible or irreversible capture. Application in building materials. Eco-Construction.

Immobilization of hazardous substances using Double Barrier techniques:

This line is related to the synthesis and using of «Layered double hydroxides (LDH)», «Periodic mesoporous organosilicas (PMOs)» and «Mesoporous carbons (CM)» in the capture of pesticides and / or heavy metals. Furthermore, the interaction of these materials with cement-based materials in order to immobilize hazardous substances by using a double barrier technique is being researched.

Mortars and concretes:

This line is related to the formulation of conventional, self-compacting, or alkaline activated mortars and concretes. It is needed to mention the importance of the implementation of the circular economy in the construction sector by the incorporation of industrial by-products. On the other hand, this line is addressed to the study of mortars and wall paintings in archaeological sites as well as the formulation of colored mortars.



Informamos de nuestras actividades y publicaciones.

Information about our activities and publications

Miembros del equipo Group members

David Suescum Morales

Researcher / Investigador

José María Fernández Rodríguez

Head of Research Group/ Investigador Principal (IP)

Enrique Fernández Ledesma


David Cantador Fernandez

Researcher / Investigador

Alvaro Romero Esquinas

Researcher / Investigador

María del Camino Zurita Ares

Researcher / Investigadora

Rocío Otero Izquierdo

Researcher / Investigadora

María del Rosario Pérez

Researcher / Investigadora