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La UCO con Ucrania

Paz y Libertad para Ucrania

Peace and Freedom for Ukraine

Мир и свободу Украине


UCOPress obtiene la acreditación de nivel 1 del Programa Trébol

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Cordoba University Press


Cordoba University Press (UCOPress) is under the authority of the Vice-rectorate for Research. UCOPress furthers the research's results developed within our University by editing, disseminating and commercialising knowledge with a clear national and international projection.

UCOPress submits all the works to a rigorous blind peer review process in order to ensure the scientific quality of its publications.

UCOPress is the only institution lawfully authorised to act as a publisher at the University of Cordoba. The accomplishment of the required formalities for ISBN Office corresponds to UCOPress. UCOPress may act occasionally as editing advisor, funder, developer and distributor of the published works.





Campus Universiario de Rabanales
Ctra. Nacional IV. Km. 396
14071, Córdoba (Spain)






0034 957 21 81 26 (Administration)
0034 957 21 81 25 (Production)
0034 957 21 21 65 (Distribution)


0034 957 21 81 96


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.