A Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology team at the University of Cordoba assessed the environmental pollution of Doñana National Park by means of its effects on mice that dwell in the area

Miércoles, 17 Julio 2019 08:07

The loss of biodiversity comes at a price

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A University of Cordoba research team ran the numbers on the impact of forest fires on emblematic species using the fires in Spain’s Doñana National Park and Segura mountains in 2017 as examples

An international research group proved the effectiveness of a statistical method to estimate nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen fertilizers

Martes, 02 Julio 2019 06:37

Equations help predict the behavior of water in rivers

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University of Cordoba researchers developed a mathematical model that allows for anticipating the failure of dikes that hold in overflowing river water

The BIOCONTROL-A project seeks to prevent the contamination of almonds and pistachios by toxins produced by several species of fungus

Martes, 25 Junio 2019 11:01

Goat milk kefir is proven to be good for your health

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A University of Cordoba research team, for the first time, applied a protein identification technique to this product on a massive scale and found activity of healthy compounds

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