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The World's Oldest Wine Discovered

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A white wine over 2,000 years old, of Andalusian origin, is the oldest wine ever discovered.

A study featuring more than 3,500 Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) students and 294 teachers reveals that teachers' commitment to inclusive education favors their students' socio-emotional skills

UCO researcher Tom Vanwalleghem participated in the work, along with authors from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Oregon, in the US; and the University of Minas-Gerais in Brazil

Today the journal Science Advances today publishes a breakthrough study that changes the way we understand cyanobacteria, which are essential for the sustenance of life. The study shows that these organisms do not operate in isolation, but rather physically interact through nanotubes, which function as exchange bridges between cells

Being a woman, a nursing professional, and working in the community sphere increased the risk of moral distress (MD), according to a study by the University of Cordoba carried out among more than 500 professionals with the Public Health Service of Andalusia in a period immediately after the COVID-19 PANDEMIC

A new study manages to produce a prototype of a more durable material that increases the biodegradability of food packaging, partially replacing its bioplastic with cellulose fibers extracted from the branches and leaves of the avocado tree

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