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La UCO con Ucrania

Paz y Libertad para Ucrania

Peace and Freedom for Ukraine

Мир и свободу Украине

Collectanea Christiana Orientalia


Collectanea Christiana Orientalia

CCO is an international Journal that appears once a year. It aims at publishing papers written in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as Arabic. The papers should be unpublished and related to Christian production in Arabic, Coptic, Syriac and Ethiopic, although topics dealing with the Christian tradition contained in other languages of Oriental Christianity like Armenian, Georgian and Greek can also be accepted. Likewise, the thematic spectrum of the Journal includes those Rabbinical subjects that concern Christianty. More specifically, the production of Christians in Arabic includes both that developed in Eastern and in Western countries (al-Andalus, northern Africa, Italy, as well as Greece, Cyprus and Turkey). The fields of study covered by this philologically oriented Journal will include the area of literature (in any textual tradition) as well as the area of linguistics. Papers related to other fields like History, Archaeology, History of Art, Liturgy and Sociology will also be accepted.

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